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About Us

Caro has worked and lived in the food world all her life and trained initially with Deborah Durrant ( That was just the start and soon went on catering for yoga events, private parties and specific raw patisserie orders.

She also created her own brand of granolas which for the moment only exist in the baked form.

About the granola :

Homemade granola has been a staple on Si and Caro's breakfast table for years and Mightyroar granola was born from friend's request to get it onto theirs. 

Over time, we have developed 4 different flavours. Simple and natural tasty ingredients, 100% suitable for vegans. Texture is a key component of what makes Mightyroar granola delicious: soft crunch, cluster free and crispy.

Emphasis on natural foods and ethical sourcing have always been important to us and are the foundations of the granolas.