Go Raw...even a little!

Go Raw is a lot easier if you know the following:

  • Set the intention to go gradually to start with or even partially; I am not 100% raw especially as winter makes me wanting for warm comforting foods

  • Invest in the equipment: a good knife, a julienne knife even or a mandolin ( you can get these cheap enough ), a good blender is essential so is a food processor. I would say that if you have a decent food processor, you probably can get around most recipes, dishes. A dehydrator is great once you have committed as it opens the door to so many cooking options the raw way. Dehydrating food between 105F/41C and 115F/46C qualify as ‘raw’, the idea being that cooking destroys many of the vitamins in food but mostly the enzymes which helps with the digestion of the food we eat.

  • Eat Organic as much as you can, tastes better for a start and obviously is chemical free

  • Look at food combining to improve your digestion, there are so many books, websites on this

  • Reach out to kindred spirits, other raw people, groups for food ideas and support

  • Join one of my cooking classes 😊

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